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GSS- Asheville Art Mob, “Hot Glass, Cold Beer”

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing bottle of brew on a warm summer day. Especially when accompanied by molton glass, torches spitting flame and some inspired artists creating original works of art.

Special thanks to Logan MacSporran, Alex Greenwood and Shane Smith for hosting a great afternoon of art at Phil Mechanic Studio. Also thanks to Hillary Frye of the Asheville Art Museum for making it all possible.

This was shot on the fly… no rehersal or walk-through. Just off-the-cuff shooting. Quite the challenge, but really happy with what came of it.
Shot with Canon 7d, sound- H4n, Mononpod, Merlin & Handheld.

Asheville Glass Center:

Music by: Windam Earle.

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