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Kimberly & Rodney Wedding Video Teaser- Castle LadyHawke

Kimberly, Rodney and myself were sitting at one of my favorite haunts in Asheville, discussing their wedding day.

They were interested in hiring me to do their photography. When we first started corresponding, I had no idea that they were doing something so unique- a fully Scottish themed day! (Rodney is way Scottish!) So, as they ticked off the details, one-by-one, you can imagine my excitement to have the privilege to capture all those amazing images. Still images.

We discussed video, but at the time, it wasn’t on the agenda, so I had to be satisfied with just capturing the photos. Then, about three weeks till the wedding, Kimberly contacted me regarding video. I was already tasked to do the photography, she asked, “was there anyone I could recommend for video?” Well, after much deliberating…. I concluded that, if I could capture the photography AND direct the video simultaneously, I ABSOLUTELY WANTED IT!!!!

A few emails later and my crack team was lined-up and ready to go.


Like a 21-year Single-Malt Scotch, I’ve distilled their day down and poured you a shot. It’s just a sip, mind you, something to savor. For it was a hardy and heart-warming day!

Photography: Grae Skye Studio

Wedding Planner/Coordinator:

Venue: Castle Ladyhawke-

and Nathan White for mixing it up at the Party!!:

My Photo-Video team: Aaron Hogsed, Adam Raimond, Ben Long & Steve Drakes.. couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Music- “Reviens moi”- Frenchlab(MEA)

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