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GSS- Group Doueh’s FIRST EVER N. American performance


I don’t think I can describe Group Doueh’s Music any better than this excerpt taken from Sublime Frequencies’s web-page about them-

“The now legendary Group Doueh have been playing in and around their native homeland for over 27 years, the band morphing between acoustic and electric modes with members of their family and friends joining the band as the mood requires…… The group’s ancient/modern sound is rooted in the traditional foundations of Sahrawi/Hassania music, but takes it in a direction that is also entirely its own. It shares its roots with the neighbouring styles of Mauritanian music – yet Group Doueh have managed to transcend the limitations of that music with a fiery, independent, and individualistic approach that incorporates a distinctly rock element anomalous in the region. This is a sound that can only come from the land that inspired it: the Sahara desert.”

So there you have it.

This was an amazing show and Asheville’s Grey Eagle Music Hall was very priviledged to be the FIRST date on this N.American tour.
It was hard to choose which bit of the concert to edit and include in this documentary, so I just grabbed a couple of songs and went with it. (The second song in the film is a wildly danceable 15 min long jam.)

So sit back and enjoy, IF, you can stay in your seat!!

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