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Blind Pig 2012 | “The Rising Sun” | BTS documentary.

Once again Mike Moore and his team allowed me the opportunity to document them as they  planned another amazing dinner event for our local foodavores. The chosen theme was to be Washoku. Or in english, the traditional cuisine of Japan.

Aptly named the “Rising Sun” dinner, it was going to be in Mike’s own words, “The Godzilla” of Blind Pig meals. To date, this is the biggest event that he’s had to tackle, with 94 guests and 12 courses it was going to be a complex event to plan and accomplish. But true to fashion, the event came off without a hitch.  The featured chefs were Drew Maycuth and Alex Bryanton both of the Admiral, and Brian Canipelli of Cucina 24. All three admitted to having a strong fascination and deep love for traditional Japanese fare, but also an admittance that to truly master the art of Washoku would take years and constant dedication. During an interview with Mountain Express food writer Mackensy Lunsford, Drew admitted, “we’re just three white kids, that love this food. We’re gonna use the ingredients we love and make it the best way we know how.”

Was food alone enough to wow the guests for the “Rising Sun” dinner? NO. Mike added to the mix the amazing custom made artworks by artist/musician Andy Herod and tuneage being spun by DJ- Rob Castillo. So what’d ya think?? Wanna see all this in action? Press play, and you’ll see why this made for such a great start to the 2012 Blind Pig season.



The proceeds form this dinner were to raise awareness and funds for ASAP- The Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project.

The amazing little diddy I happened upon that seemed to fit so well is “Hong Kong space invasion” by Bryyn.

Shooting locations were, The Admiral, Cucina 24, The Herod Studio and Gaining Ground Farm.

A few stills taken during filming-

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