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Asheville’s very own Music Video Awards night- 2012

I got an email recently from colleague and fellow film-maker, Paul Schattel, whom I had helped shoot a video last year for UnderHill Rose. He was wondering if I was going to make it to the “Music Video Asheville” festivities on May the 9th. Strangely enough, this was the the first I had heard of the event.

Well, turns out, this has been going on for five years now… (which means it’ll go on my annual to do list). The festival celebrates the creativity of musicians and filmakers of the Asheville/Buncombe area. I have to say, our local talent is formidable!! I brought along the cam and got a short snippet of the fun. Also included below are a FEW of the vids that were featured.

Enjoy some Asheville Talent!!


Chachillie- “51-50”


The Broadcast- “Hide Yourself Away”


The Night Lights- “Building”


Total War- “Your Over It”


Underhill Rose- “Who Brought the Sun”


Two People Playing Music- “Discovering Color”


StephaniesId- “Multiply”


Jonathan Scales- “Longest December”


Sallie Ford- “Cage”

I wish I could share them all… but there were 29 videos screened, two many for this blog post. My humble advice is, if you live in WNC- we have the music!! Sooo get OUT and DISCOVER it, you won’t be disappointed!!!

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