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Ian Moore performs an “Off the Cuff” performance.

The first time I saw Ian Moore perform was probably 8 years ago, I was amazed at his talent and energy. Since then, I have been trying to document one of his performances on cam. Recently, while driving around downtown Asheville, I was rewarded for my patience.

Ian strikes me as a kind of walking, talking time-machine. He approaches his music as if he’s right there, in those days gone by. If you happen, by-chance to wander too close to his rift in the space/time continuum you’ll probably get sucked in. When he’s ripping through one of his numbers it’s hard to look away. I think it’s because he strikes a chord in most of us. After all, everyone needs a healthy dose of nostalgia from time-to-time, and he’s one heck of an entertainer!! That said, turn’s out if you check out his studio work, he has quite a broad range of musical interests. Worth a listen!

One thing’s for sure, when you see him perform, you won’t soon forget it.

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