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Grae Skye Studio films Leigh Glass & The Hazards Live at the LAB

This Lady is passionate! Passionate about her stories, passionate about her friends and family, passionate about her music!!

Leigh Glass and I sat down over a cup of coffee at the Dripolater in Asheville to discuss capturing some live performance footage of her band “The Hazards”. Of course, being a big fan of all genres of music, I was definitely on-board! That morning I learned quite a bit about Leigh’s background. She grew up in my neck of the woods (her family is from Cold Mountain in Haywood County) She’s got an amazingly big heart and a troubadours mentality when it comes to wrapping her real-life experiences up in her music. While re-counting one particular event in her life and how she wrote that into one of her songs, she started to tear up and laughed at herself for all that emotion being so accessible. You can tell she FEELS it, and the audience at her shows…. they get the payoff!!

AND, by all means, lets not forget “The Hazards”. These guys are are a MEGA- talented group of musicians! Corey Bullman on guitar and vocals, Bryan White on bass and Patrick Wells on drums. When you hear these guys live you can tell they click!

So without any further ado, check out these vids filmed at The Lab in Asheville, NC.



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