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A Grae Skye Studio Film- Christine and Chris’s Wedding Day

Wedding days can be… let’s say, unpredictable.

The weather, the music, family and friends to direct, the Bride and Groom’s stress level, everything has to be timed and orchestrated just right. (Of course, Emily and her team are masters at this). Fortunately for Grae Skye Studio, this was one of those rare days when everything seemed to come together in such a perfect way.

The Bella Luna Inn and Montreat College were the perfect back-drop for the Ceremony and Reception. The weather was warm, without being overly humid. Birdsong filled the air, and everything seemed to glow… including the bride and groom!

These two were High School sweethearts (took some investment on Christine’s part!)
In Chris’s own words- “At 15, any other girl would have given up on a boy who didn’t think that he wanted anything to do with her. She knew it was just a matter of time before she could wear me down enough to admit that I liked her, and I’m so glad she did.” Christine says she “won him over”, which I think is to say, she captured his heart.
Being around these two- I can see how their love was inevitable!

I Hope you enjoy this little romantic peek into their special day.

(Hint- If you have a little more time, hit the HD button)

The beauty of the day was orchestrated by-
Emily McCollin with Occasions by Emily
Beautiful B&B- Bella Luna Inn
Montreat College
The incredible eats- Black Eyed Susan Catering
Spinning the tunes- Nathan White with Parkway DJ.
Clicking the photos was Neil Ladner- Gulf Portraits.
And last but not least, thanks to Adam Raimond for helping wrangle cameras on the day of.

Music for film- “Fireflies- instrumental”- By Marie Hines (Licensed though The Music Bed)

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