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April + Kris= Fun, Honesty, Passion

April & Kris….

What an interesting story these two have. Both are in the military, in fact that’s where they met.

Kris, a self proclaimed “Peter Pan”- green tights and all, is a fun-loving party animal, noted for his Lady Gaga impressions, this dude has a real zest for life.

April on first impressions, seems slightly reserved, measured, perhaps a little shy..?? (I say that with a smile on my face.) I think it’s her stature, she carries herself with a certain elegance and grace. (Side point- she outranks Kris, which his groomsmen enjoyed commenting on). When I realized she was going to surprise Kris with a song, I knew this would be GOLD, and found that she is not at all reserved, or shy!! (I know I couldn’t sing in front of that group, even if I did have an amazing voice like April’s.)

These two love each other WHOLEHEARTEDLY!! They wear their passion for one another on their sleeves and its a beautiful thing to see! My face was aching from all the smiling I did that day.


(Hint– If you have more time to view this film, click the “HD” at the bottom right, click “play” then “pause” to allow some buffer. After the bar loads a bit, press “play” again. Enjoy some HD goodness!)


The beauty of the day was orchestrated by-
Emily McCollin with Occasions by Emily

Venue- Castle Ladyhawke

The incredible eats- Black Eyed Susan Catering

Spinning the tunes- Nathan White with Parkway DJ.

Clicking the photos was Aaron Hogsed- Aaron Imaging.

April’s hair and Makeup- Candace from Adorabella.

Ceremony music by Corrine Brouwer and the team from Allegro Music.

An amazing cake by Tiffany’s Baking Co.

Fun at the PhotoBooth provided by Rachel DeBarnardo with ShutterBooth.

And last but not least, thanks to Adam Raimond, my PA and assistant cam-operator for the day.

Music for film- “Sun in the Racoon’s eyes”- By Drew Barefoot (Licensed through With Ettiquette)


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