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Zammuto | Live at the Grey Eagle- Sept 2012 | Grae Skye Studio

When I heard that Nick Zammuto was coming to Asheville with his new band, I jumped at the opportunity to get in touch, hoping to work out filming as they performed at The Grey Eagle.

Being a long time admirer of The Books and having missed that bands earlier performances in the area, I was stoked when Nick gave me the go ahead, stating “this is our first tour (as Zammuto), and we could really use some live video”. As you can see the performance was super polished and showed off how tight, original and unique Zammuto is. I hope you enjoy the films and If you get a chance to see these guys do their thing it’s totally worth it!

I want to thank Nick Zammuto, Nick Oddy, Mikey Zammuto & Sean Dixon. Also, thanks goes to the folks at The Grey Eagle and John Miller for rolling the B-Cam.

All five of the finished films are available below. Enjoy

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