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Katie & Alex | 497 days later | Grae Skye Studio

In December of 2011, I had the pleasure of filming Katie and Alex getting married. They are a really sweet couple and of course, totally in love with each other.
Over the past 10 months they’ve had to endure being separated by half the globe, as Alex shipped off not long after their wedding.
Katie got in contact when she found out he’d be coming home…..

Brace yourselves, it’s gonna get emotional!

Thanks Katie & Alex for inviting me- Aaron M.


“Always Be”- Holley Maher

“Celeste”- Les Enfants

“Epilogue”- Lights & Motion

All licensed through the Music Bed

Katie & Alex | 497 days later | Grae Skye Studio from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.

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