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    I’m Aaron Morrell- I’m the guy behind the camera.....

    Ok so lets cut to the chase- if you’re here, looking at my website, I’m going to assume you’re interested in Cinematography or Photography. I'd love to tell you more about what drives and inspires my work. Interested? Click here. (It's a little wordy I know).

Catherine & Nick Wedding Day Sneak Peek | Grae Skye Studio

This is a tiny snippet of what was a wonderful Wedding Day on the Biltmore Estate.

Catherine and Nick celebrated the start of their romance complete with Horse Drawn Carriage and the Estate as their backdrop. Surrounded by friends and family, the love and emotion was palpable.
In fact, many times while filming I would see these two together and I’d be reminded of those scenes in movies where the two main characters would be in a crowd of people. They’d look into each others eyes and slowly everything around them would fade away and they’d seem to be standing by themselves, in a world of their own.

What a great privilege it was to get a glimpse of their romance on their wedding day.

Catherine & Nick Wedding Day Sneak Peek | Grae Skye Studio from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.



Venue- DeerPark, Biltmore Estate
Photography- Woodward and Rick

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Virginia, West Virginia Photo Trip 2014 | Grae Skye Studio

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to assist with photography at a wedding in Hot Springs, Virginia. So my good friend Aaron Hogsed, with Aaron Imaging and his wife Ericka, headed North.

After a wonderful wedding shoot, we took some time to explore the surrounding Virginia and West Virginia countryside. Aaron H. had been wanting to add to the environmental side of his portfolio, so we researched and found an old Train/Coal-Mining town in West Virginia called Thurmond. The place was really interesting and worth the trip.

I hope you enjoy my little “travelog”.

Virginia/W. Virginia Photo Trip 2014 | Grae Skye Studio from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.



“So far so close”- Jahzzar

“Lullaby”- Osaeris

“Border Blaster”- Josh Woodward

(All songs Creative Commons licensing.)

GoPro 3+ Bk
Canon 7d
Sigma 17-35 ART
Phantom V2, Zenmuse H3-2d w/GoPro 3+ Bk.

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Katie & Jonathan | Grae Skye Studio

Here’s something slightly different.
While shooting Katie and Jonathan’s wedding on the coast of South Carolina, I decided to set-up the GoPro and get some behind the scenes footage. Call it FPV or “First Person View” from the Photographer’s vantage point. It’s shaky and raw and fun! Enjoy!!

KatieJonathan Wedding Day Teaser from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.

Music “LOV” by Joe Morales- licensed through the Music Bed


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Taryn & Brian | A Grae Skye Studio Film

In the next few minutes you’re going to be treated to some especially memorable moments….. The sweetness of the couple’s “First Look”. Brian’s heartfelt celebratory first dance with his new bride. Taryn nonchalantly licks the icing from the scalpel used to cut the cake. (I held my breath!!)

Admittedly, this Teaser is longer than most of my “sneak peeks”, but It’s worth it!! 

So, take a few extra minutes and enjoy some wedding-day fun!



Planning- Mary Bell

Venue- The Venue

Taryn’s Makeup- Blush

Reception Entertainment- MelonBelly Music

Photography- Captured by Clark

Taryn & Brian | A Grae Skye Studio Film from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.

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