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    I’m Aaron Morrell- I’m the guy behind the camera.....

    Ok so lets cut to the chase- if you’re here, looking at my website, I’m going to assume you’re interested in Cinematography or Photography. I'd love to tell you more about what drives and inspires my work. Interested? Click here. (It's a little wordy I know).

River Whyless | Harvest Records | WNCW | Grae Skye Studio

River Whyless | Harvest Records | WNCW | Grae Skye Studio from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.

The River Whyless‘s new Album, “We All The Light” is out in the world now.

To celebrate the release of the new work, bandmates Ryan O’Keefe, Halli Anderson, Alex McWalters and Daniel Shearin graced Asheville’s landmark record store, Harvest Records for an in-store performance.

As a bit of icing on the cake, Joe Kendrick and crew from public radio WNCW was there to stream live as well as do an impromptu interview about the band’s new album, their process and upcoming tour with Blind Pilot.
What a treat and joy it was to film such a talented group of musicians. If you get a chance to see these folks it’s well worth the effort!!


All video production by Aaron Morrell. Cams- Pana GH4, Canon 60d. Audio- Daniel Shearin

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Tsalagi | Blind Pig | Grae Skye Studio

What’s the best way to learn about reasons and motivations? Culture and history? If you have the privilege, you go to the source.

So many of us have lost the stories of our family’s past to time and circumstances. How often do we sit around a table and learn from our older generations how they lived and why?
Here in the mountains of North Carolina we are surrounded by a cultural & natural history that predates any of us. So to learn about that history, Mike Moore, Elliot Moss and Justin Burdett went to the source.

This is what we learned.
Many thanks to
Myrtle Driver- Tribal Cultural Traditionalist
Alan Muskat- No Taste Like Home.
Mike Moore- Blind Pig
Elliot Moss of Buxton Hall
Justin Burdett of Local Provisions


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Smith Mill Works | Grae Skye Studio

Smith Mill Works is an amazing greenhouse complex that is currently undergoing an extensive renovation. Michael Klatt, one of the collaborators in the project wanted some nice shots of the property prior to it’s full restoration. This is that “before” overview.
It’s exciting to think of how this project will turn out- you can find out more here- Smith Mill Works


Smith Mill Works | Grae Skye Studio from Aaron Morrell on Vimeo.




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