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“From my viewpoint, whether it’s a couple celebrating their Wedding Day, an artist discussing his inspiration,
a Chef creating a culinary masterpiece, a Musician playing their heart out on stage-
Moving images capture and inspire.
Even if you weren’t there, you can feel like you were.
You hear the laughter, feel the emotion, relate to the characters. It’s all in these details that the film lives- That’s why I love it so much.”
(Choose your flavor of film from the categories below and
Press play…. you’ll see what I mean.)

Blind Pig “Fire & Chocolate” | BTS Documentary

My first experience documenting a Blind Pig event. It was a full sensory experience, blending flavors, smells, sightsView full post »

GSS- The War On Drugs- Live Performance

Fortunately Asheville was on the list of South-Eastern cities scheduled to get a visit from Philadelphia bandView full post »

This is What I Saw…. Topsail Beach Documentary

This is the first of a new micro-project of Video-Documentaries. Over the last few years I’ve had the chance to doView full post »

Sharon & Paul’s Wedding Day Video Teaser- Castle LadyHawke

Wedding Film Teaser for Sharon & Paul- It was a lovely September day for the wedding of Sharon and Paul. With CastleView full post »

Visiting the BIG TULIP | Documenting a Day Hike

Everyone needs to recharge from time to time. With that in mind, my good friend Aaron Hogsed suggested “it’sView full post »

GSS- Group Doueh’s FIRST EVER N. American performance

I don’t think I can describe Group Doueh’s Music any better than this excerpt taken from SublimeView full post »

GSS- Rosebuds@The Grey Eagle

The Rosebuds recently performed at The Grey Eagle Music Hall in Asheville , NC. Grasping the opportunity, I made someView full post »

Tracy & Radek Wedding Video Teaser- Claxton Farm

It’s simple recipe: #1- Start with a beautiful day- #2- Add some folks starting their married life…. gentlyView full post »

Kimberly & Rodney Wedding Video Teaser- Castle LadyHawke

Kimberly, Rodney and myself were sitting at one of my favorite haunts in Asheville, discussing their wedding day. TheyView full post »