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The World is Analog | Bob Moog mini-documentary

This past summer I had the opportunity to enter my first film competition. “Focus Forward” films, a project sponsored by GE and Cinelan films presented a competition that, in their words, “highlight exceptional people and world-changing ideas that are impacting the course of human development, changing our lives for the better….. looking for professional quality 3-minute stories about visionaries and thinkers and in some cases everyday folks who have brought a quantum leap to human progress by their efforts and inventions.”

So , you could say, this would be a monumental competition. Which, of course was an understatement, being that they received entries from 69 countries and I’m sure the seven judges had their hands full just trying to view them all. Without any expectation, I went ahead and gave it a shot.

Being that I already had one documentary in the works, the “Preserve” project with Blind Pig. As well as my obligations to this past summers wedding clients. This needed to be quick and fairly strait forward. So who could I choose as subject matter for the chosen theme? Being that I’m 30 min from Asheville and one of the best known movers and shakers in the field of musical synthesis is headquartered there. I couldn’t help thinking of Bob Moog! I could go on and on about how this all fell together on a crazy short schedule, but let me just say that if it weren’t for the help and generosity of Michelle Moog-Kousa & Mark Doty at the Bob Moog Foundation, August Worley, and the folks at Moog Music, It simply would not have happened! These folks bent over backwards to make this process happen and it was definitely a run-n-gun shoot, so I have nothing but appreciation for them letting me invade their space to get it filmed.

Even though it wasn’t choosen for the competition, I’m still hugely proud of the finished piece and feel thankful to have met the folks that shared their knowledge and passion about Bob and what he contributed to the world of music.

Enjoy the film.

If you’d like to help further the study and outreach of Bob Moog’s legacy please contact the Bob Moog Foundation.

If you love the gear and wanna see all the new toys go to Moog Music.


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